More Shenanigans from Nerobama; Plus, America Opposes a Debt Ceiling Increase(!)

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them … well, I have others” – Groucho Marx

I remembered a story the other day from the Clinton inauguration. Two of his advisors (I think one was Dick Morris) were standing together at the inauguration when military jets did a fly-over. One said to the other “why do they have to do that – militarize everything?” to which the other responded “no, you don’t get it, those are our jets now”. Thus the mind of the liberal politician … or I suppose just about any politician for that matter: once we’re in power, the federal government, with its authority, is an arm of our political movement.

Shenanigans from Nerobama continued today. The federal government has “closed” the ocean – or at least they have prohibited fishing boats from operating in the Florida Bay. They’ve closed the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee, forcing the school buses to take kids home on dangerous “white knuckle” roads through the mountains. They’ve shutdown a family owned inn on the Blueridge Parkway in NC. They’ve shutdown the Amber Alert website … hope no kids get snatched.

Somehow though, there are some government functions up and running, and some parks open for business. While Amber Alert is down, Michelle Obama’s “let’s move” site is still up and running. Cancer research and clinical trials at NIH have been shutdown, but the Corporation for Public Broadcasting received $445,000,000 (Big Bird over cancer patients). And apparently the National Mall – a federal park that is closed during the shutdown – hosted a pro-Amnesty rally today. Let me say that again. The federal government is forcibly removing war veterans from their memorials, but happily holds the park open for left-wing political rallies. We … ought … to … march (and I’m for an open immigration policy.)

Did King George ever treat us thus? (And he was a king!)

So, the government shutdown rolls on. The debt-ceiling impasse looms and the Republicans appear to be showing some steel. While I still think holding open floor votes would get us to a continuing resolution and debt-ceiling increase with no strings attached, Republican leadership has pushed back against even near-term compromises demanding some spending cuts. We shall see.

A NBC/WSJ poll recently showed that Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling by 2-to-1. Well, they oppose raising the debt ceiling by 44% to 22%, presumably leaving 34% who have no opinion (which is a rather large percentage).

I haven’t done the polling myself, but I suppose that one can find overwhelming support amongst Americans for low taxes, ample government services, and a balanced budget. Sadly these three cannot coexist, but hey, two out of three ain’t bad. The Left tends to choose ample government services, followed by a balanced budget. The Right tends to choose low taxes, followed by a balanced budget. (Ever wonder why the budget never gets balanced?) The elites actually choose ample services and low taxes, because deficit spending equals printing which ultimately transfers money from the poor and working class to the elite. But I digress.

Ultimately I don’t think the Republicans will get any concessions on Obamacare, but I hope they do. While I disagree with the Supreme Court decision that legitimized the Obamacare mandate, I actually do agree with Chief Justice Roberts’ rationale. That is, the individual mandate is no different than a tax coupled with a government-run benefit program. (Where Roberts and I disagree is whether or not the Constitution allows government-run benefit programs … I hold it is outside the spending authority of Congress, and that’s it.)

Imagine though that we passed a new tax code whereby everybody in the country had a 50% tax rate … except those to whom the president granted a waiver (regardless of the president’s party). He then goes on to grant waivers to donors, political allies, and groups that have supported his party. This is, de facto, a tax on political opposition. Would this country tolerate such? Yet that is exactly what we have in Obamacare. It is a tax (see Justice Roberts and the SCOTUS ruling). It is a tax that the president has authority to abrogate for any group he chooses. And it is a tax that the president has chosen to abrogate for political allies. We ought to march.

The National Park Service police are an arm of the Democratic party. The federal tax code is an arm of the Democratic party. The IRS and its interpretation of tax code is an arm of the Democratic party. Anybody else think we’re heading down a dangerous road here? Switch “D” for “R” in the above sentences – are we heading down a dangerous road?

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