Robinson Cano … Amateur

If asked, I’m sure Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and presumptive nominee Janet Yellen will deny the following conversation ever took place:

Bernanke: “Janet, did you see the sports page this morning?”

Yellen: “Um, no”

Bernanke: “Robinson Cano asked for a $300 million contract …”

Yellen: [snicker]

Bernanke: “I know, right? $300 million, amateur”

Yellen: [snicker]

Bernanke: “I mean, that’s like a good two-and-a-half hours of running the printing presses”

Yellen: [snort … chortle]

Bernanke: “Tell me about it”

Yellen: [mumbles under breath] “You just wait Benny – I’ll show you what real money printing looks like …”

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