If You’re Going to “Date” a Ruthless Dictator, Make Sure You Can Close the Deal

“Peace secured by slavish submission is not peace” – Kim Il Sung

One wonders what connections Kim Jong Un, third generation imperial dictator of the “Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea” has to the communist missives of his grandfather. I suppose, in the end, the communists are all the same – using lofty language to point out to the oppressed how the wealthy have it so good while everyone else struggles, and that we’d all be better off if we spread it around a little – then using new-found power to enrich themselves and oppress the masses just like the “wealthy” before them.

A bit of news out from beyond the 38th parallel last week. Kim Jong Un, boy dictator and tyrant, has executed a North Korean pop singer and eleven of her bandmates. I was unaware that North Korea really had “pop” stars – but I guess the oppressors want to think themselves the same as the rest of us. Anyway, Hyon Song-Wol was apparently charged with making pornographic videos. She and the others were executed by machine gun firing squad three days after being rounded up … talk about swift justice. Relatives of the condemned were then sent to prison camps.

So, what was Hyon’s real crime? Well, once upon a time she had “dated” Kim. I use “scare quotes” here because nobody knows what it really means when someone “dated” one of the Kims. It is widely known that Kim Jong Il kidnapped South Korean actresses (and some Japanese citizens too, apparently). One wonders how many of them he “dated” during their captivity.

A little over a year ago the Guardian did a piece on Hyon who had recently appeared with Kim-the-younger. It turns out the two had “dated” years ago but he was forbidden from seeing her by his loving father. But, with daddy pushing up daisies it appears Kim was ready to rekindle the old flame. Alas, the years had changed them both and it just wasn’t to be. Kim would later marry another singer, Ri Sol-Ju, who I suppose didn’t like that her husband was still facebook friends with his ex … so she had Hyon and anybody within earshot executed. OK, I can’t back up the facebook part. That’s probably illegal in the North.

If you’re going to date a ruthless dictator, make sure you can close the deal.

A number of news sites are also reporting that Hyon and her “co-conspirators” were also rumored to have had … and I perish the thought … Bibles! I’ll leave off the obvious conundrum of the Bible-toting porn star and just note that it sounds like an evidence avalanche. That is, authorities needed to execute swift justice against these miscreants so they ginned up two of the most heinous crimes imaginable: pornography and Christianity.

No comment yet from Dennis Rodman about these latest atrocities from the DPRK. Rodman flew to Pyongyang Tuesday of this week to “hang out” with Kim. Careful Dennis, one never knows what qualifies as “pornography” in the North. You don’t want to get executed from some wedding-dress stunt. (While we’re at it, none of those tattoos have scripture references, do they?)

Also no comment from former president Jimmy Carter about the latest atrocities from a regime he has helped to prop up over the years. One can only assume all of this is America’s fault though.

“But the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He sees that his day is coming” – Psalm 37:13

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