Elbert Guillory

Please check out the following video by Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory. While I don’t endorse the Republican party, his expression of what is wrong with big-government Democrat liberalism is spot on.

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2 Responses to Elbert Guillory

  1. jefe says:

    This spot makes me sad and angry. I’m almost in tears. Why? Because this senator very eloquently articulates what I’ve been saying for years about the democratic party. Very spot on. Unfortunately, his ideal and history of the republican party is NOT what exists today. If the dems are the plantation owners, the GOP is the Klan. It’s so true. No true concern about the welfare of black people only using class misfortune (class equaling race ) as an example of dems failures…manipulating race and class to win votes. Black men are in jail which have now become, at least private prisons, corporate sweat shops…while blue chip criminals can commit white collar crimes and face little punishment. Both parties are in bed with corporations. It’s fascism whether you line Goldman Sachs pockets or Halliburton. Perhaps the senators should create a New party. GOP classic maybe? Or join libertarians or tea party folks…

    • nomasir says:

      Actually, I don’t think it’s a choice between Goldman & Halliburton … they both work for Goldman.

      The Republican party of today certainly isn’t anything like Hayek’s classic liberalism (which is to say, libertarianism), but I’m also not sure the Republican party ever was. They did nominate Barry Goldwater, so they have at least at times shown a propensity for principled freedom defense … but that’s been 50 years now. The party has always had some blue-blood status-quo types mixed in (e.g., white-collar criminals who get sent to club fed).

      Now, do have some thoughts on this one though: “No true concern about the welfare of black people only using class misfortune (class equaling race ) as an example of dems failures…manipulating race and class to win votes”. The first part is troubling, and I think presses beyond what one might think of as the confines of the Republican party. I have argued for sometime that the “white church” has been overcome by this notion that “it’s the government’s problem” and have grown indifferent to the plight. It’s a corrupting influence. While the Democrats have used welfare to blunt the creative force of the human spirit, “the right” has seemingly fallen prey to the notion of “if the government has a program in place, then I have no responsibility here, I pay my taxes (and, by the way, “those people” don’t want to be helped anyway)” – it’s ugly.

      However, I will also note that the “manipulating race and class to win votes” really isn’t a Republican game anymore – not toward blacks anyway. Anger can drive a man to the polls, but not indifference. Thirty years ago the right could pull folks to the polls by stoking racial tensions (remember Reagan’s “welfare queen” bit?) – not anymore. No, Biden can rally the troops with nonsense like “they’re going to put y’all back in chains” – but those tensions really don’t drive white America anymore. And, if white America really wanted to “get” black America, they could hardly do better than the status quo.

      The same can’t be said of the immigration debate. The racial angles on this have a lot more political traction when directed at latinos (at least I hear those arguments a lot more). Which, of course, means the freedom party risks a shot at a fantastic coalition: “you help us end the welfare state and we’ll open the boarders” – it’s a political winner I tell you, but an opportunity that’s about to be missed.

      Don’t get me wrong, folks like Elbert Guillory will be met with a whole lot of high-and-mighty “I told you so” talk by right wingers who could otherwise care less. No worries. Sometimes you have to make a stand even if hucksters agree with you.

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