Brazilians Riot … Because of the Government They Voted For

“A penalty is a cowardly way to score” – Pele

It seems that almost a quarter of a million protestors took to the streets in Brazil last night, upset about economic conditions and government taxation policies. Prices are rising, wages are not, and governments are raising taxes to cover increasing costs. This leaves the common man rather dispirited – perhaps angry enough to riot.

I won’t belabor the point, but to the Brazilians I simply say “this is the government you voted for.” If they continually do things you don’t like, then perhaps you should vote for someone else.

Naturally the same thought extends to the Americans. If Congress has an approval rating in the teens, but 90% of congressmen win re-election, something is wrong. America, you will continue to be frustrated with your government if you continue to vote for the same people. If the current congress is inept, a 10% turnover of new faces will not change it.

(Sidenote prediction: Brazil is in trouble. The resource boom that allowed economically inept policies to survive has ended. The pain will be real over the next few years. Expect more riots.)

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