The Media Works to Confirm Bias and other Conspiracy Theories

“You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you”

Conservatives love to cook up conspiracy theories about how the world is out to get them. And when I say “them” I surely mean something closer to “us” – I’d gladly call myself a conservative if “conservative” and “liberal” are the only choices offered. (I’m much more of a libertarian, though I certainly part ways with the majority of libertarians on some issues – such as abortion.)

One of the milder gripes amongst the conservatives is that the news media has it in for them. The “mainstream media” has latent political (left-leaning) biases and will hide some legitimate stories while goes on and on about other non-stories … all when it fits their political preferences. I’m sure the storyline gets old amongst the general workaday world, but of late the media has been working hard to confirm the conspiracies.

Benghazi …

On 11 September 2012 (eight weeks before the US presidential elections) a group of Islamic radicals (some with links to Al Qaeda) attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, ultimately killing the ambassador, Chris Stevens, amongst others. In the aftermath the Obama administration, I suppose not wanting to damage the “Obama has triumphed over terrorism” narrative ahead of the election, trotted out some nonsense story about a “protest” related to an “offensive youtube video” that apparently denigrates the prophet Mohammed.

My issue here is not so much that the administration botched the defense of the embassy, failing to send military support time and again. In the “fog of war” things don’t always go so well. Further, in this post my issue isn’t even the coverup story (though there clearly was a coverup of the handling/causes). Rather, my issue is the media handling of the situation. By and large the left-wing media has simply ignored the story and the congressional hearings.

Consider …

  •  An Islamic jihadist mob launches an assault on an American consulate (sovereign American soil), kills the ambassador, claims credit on the social media airwaves
  • Repeated requests for assistance are rebuffed and military assets are directed to “stand down”
  • The last communique from the ambassador indicates clearly that the embassy is under attack (not “protest”) … and again, no military forces were scrambled
  • The administration then reconfigures CIA talking points to remove any reference to terrorism or Al Qaeda, preferring to push the story of “protest over a youtube video” as the cause of the attack

Can you imagine a world in which George W. Bush is the president in such a situation and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and a the rest aren’t covering the story 24-7?

We don’t begrudge the media their political biases, we all have them. What we begrudge them is their pretension of impartiality. They’re hacks and shills for their own cause.

Of course, the game isn’t up yet. Nobody wants to be left out of the big story and we may yet reach a tipping point.

Kermit Gosnell …

The Gosnell story is far worse. Gosnell was running a chop shop for babies and sometimes mothers. On what can only be described as a horrific crime, the left-wing media has been largely silent. Why? Because it goes to the heart of the progressive religion, it brings to light the horror of their sacrament: abortion.

Of course, there are reporters there. There is apparently even a liberal, pro-choicer who has reconsidered his position on the issue.

(Note that this has next-to-nothing to do with Obama, just progressivism.)

The IRS …

This one isn’t even a media issue. It has come to light that the IRS has been “targeting” conservative groups. It appears to mostly be greater scrutiny regarding tax-exempt status for anybody labeled “Tea Party” or “Patriot”.

This doesn’t have to mean that there is a concerted effort by the Obama administration to harass opponents. It’s not too much of a stretch to recognize that any big-government entity will have a systemic bias against small-government political ideals. (As conservatives have noted for some time, they get about the same big-government behaviors out of both Republicans and Democrats. It takes someone in love with more than his own power to actually change such a system.)

So those are the stories breaking now. It could prove to be a very interesting news week.

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