Kirchner Deflects; It’s Sort of Like Throwing the Gun

“A penalty is a cowardly way to score” – Pele

Argentine president Cristina Kirchner is at it again, blustering over the Falkland Islands.

The storyline is simple here. Kirchner unleashes a massive inflationary drive (20%!) which ends up pillaging the working class. This is, in fact, its intended result – to transfer wealth, power, and control from the people to the elites. Unfortunately for Kirchner, the working class eventually gets upset that they have been plundered.

Whatever is a a tyrant to do, when the native get restless? Enter the straw-man, external bogeyman. “I know your lives are suffering, I know you are feeling the pain of 20% inflation – but everything would be fine here if we just had control of the Falklands!” (That’s not a direct quote, obviously.)

It’s the same old, tired story. When the population finally gets fed up with the corrupt policies of the ruling class (be they democratically elected or dictatorial) the rulers will turn to straw-men. We’ve seen it for decades across the middle east, where oppressive regimes will tell their citizens that the real problem is Israel. As if that has anything to do with the oppression of their own citizens. It’s the same in China (“Taiwan – that’s why things suck”).

It’s much like throwing the gun when you’re out of bullets.

That’s not to say that Kirchner can’t find a way to stay in power, she might. For all I know she’ll actually colonize the Falklands … why, I’m not sure. Of course, that won’t solve anything. When you turn on the printing presses, you fundamentally distort the market and rob the citizenry. Or, what the Old Testament would call “oppressing the worker in his wages”. It just can’t end well, and Kirchner is showing signs that things are getting ugly.


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