Costa Mesa Mayor Loses His Mind

“Honesty is the best policy – when there is  money in it” – Mark Twain

CBS is reporting that the mayor of Costa Mesa, CA (Eric Bever) has an absurd proposal to rid his town of the growing “homeless problem”: Costa Mesa Mayor Proposes to Shut Down Soup Kitchens to Deal with Homeless Problem.

Bever has the problem partly right, in that he understands cause and effect. Costa Mesa, he notes, is very attractive to homeless people because it offers excellent services (and, I might add, because it has a great climate – which is quite useful when you live outside). It is a cause and effect lost on most politicians – whatever you subsidize you will have more of. If you subsidize education, costs will go up. If you subsidize health care, costs will go up. If you subsidize homelessness, you will have more of it. Furthermore, if your city has better stuff for homeless people then they will migrate to you. It’s simple.

If Bever wants to end all public subsidized homeless services then fine – I actually support the move. In fact, I have said on a number of occasions, that taxing the public to pay for benevolent acts towards others is a direct and egregious violation of the Golden Rule. I’m not talking about the benevolence, of course, which is a great thing – I’m talking about the forcible (against my will) taking of the taxpayer dollar for this purpose. In a democracy, this is neighbors taking from  neighbors to do for other neighbors. Which, unless you are God or a mediator between God and man (a job reserved for One) is a gross overstepping of bounds whereby you lay your hands on the life and livelihood of another.

But Bever goes further. He actually indicates that he’d like to close private soup kitchens! That’s right. Some benevolent souls have gotten together to provide food for the needy – which is exactly the way this ought to work – and Bever is saying they should be forced to stop.

My life is my own, Eric Bever. My life is my own, it does not belong to you. You cannot take it from me to give to others, and you cannot restrain me from giving it away on my own.

If I choose to give part of my life away (in the form of money) to Someone Cares Soup Kitchen to feed homeless people in Costa Mesa then so be it. You cannot stop me.

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