Clarifying Abortion Policy in the Aftermath of Akin

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” – Todd Akin

It dawned on me after my post yesterday that I discussed the above absurd comment from Todd Akin without giving a clear description of my position on abortion.

I am pro-life. I am unabashedly and unashamedly pro-life. I am pro-life for a simple and principled reason: I believe that life begins at conception, and that from that point humans (in a free society) are entitled to a defense of their basic human rights, including life.

The means or mechanism for the creation of the life are tertiary in the light of human rights. Thus, I am pro-life even in the case of rape. The child is innocent of the crimes of his father.

From this standpoint, you could say my policy position is the same as Akin’s (I’m assuming that he is pro-life even in cases of rape … from his comments). And yet I reject out-of-hand his defense in the above quote. It’s crap. It’s rubbish. It’s absurdity.

Plenty of women have been violently and forcibly raped and come away pregnant. For crying out loud, it used to be a standard tactic in all-out-war to kill all the men and forcibly rape the women to impregnate them and breed a new generation closer in kind to the conquerors (think Mongol invasions here). Of course you can and will get pregnant from “legitimate” rape.

Even if Akin had some sense in his commentary we still reject it. It is cold and cruel. It is completely devoid of compassion for the victim of a heinous crime. We don’t need any sort of “aww, you’ll be OK” nonsense to argue our point. You won’t be OK. Your life has been forever changed. Yes, you can experience healing, hope, and a bright future … but the scars of this trauma will always be there.

But I’m still pro-life, even in cases of rape. The argument for abortion doesn’t hold up. “Something awful has happened to me [and it has], therefore I get a pass on doing something awful myself if it can help ameliorate the pain … just a bit.” No, no you don’t. None of us get a pass on sin just because we’ve been victimized. We don’t get to lash out and steal, kill, or destroy to ease our suffering.

The child has rights too. Even though his father is a criminal.

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