The “Modern Day Nostradamus” Ain’t Whispering Riddles in the Dark

I remember a few  years back picking up an article where Ron Paul responded to questions about the Bilderbergers, a meeting of financial and political elites from around the world as they supposedly conspired to rule the earth. When pressed about the secretive nature of it all, Paul responded with an impressively calm explanation. First, he noted that the Bilderbergers meet in an awfully open setting for a secret society. We all know where they meet even if we don’t know what’s going on inside. There are Bilderberger protests every year.

Second, he argued that it’s not so much a secret plot to take over the world, but a difference of ruling principles. There are those that believe in human equality and freedom and those who don’t. And if you are one of those who don’t, you quickly come to the conclusion that elites ought to rule “for the good of all” and should probably gather in secret to keep their difficult decisions out of the eyes of a less-than-understanding public easily given over to panic. This isn’t a grand scheme, but the natural extension of differing philosophies.

World Net Daily, a pretty far-right conspiracy theory site, is carrying an article titled “‘Modern Day Nostradamus’ Warns of U.S. Doom.” The article discusses the latest book and conjectures of Joel Rosenberg, a Christian dooms-dayer. (Disclaimer, I know very little about Rosenberg. He may be a wonderful and reasonable guy, or he might be a crackpot – I know only what I’ve read in the article.)

I say Rosenberg isn’t whispering riddles in the dark or secret knowledge (at least not the portions that are contained in the article) – he’s merely stating what Christians have been saying for years about the future of this nation. For that matter, some of the discussion doesn’t even need to be Christian in its typology – there are simple “fabric of society” arguments that fit well. (In his defense, I don’t see in the article where Rosenberg calls himself a “Modern Day Nostradamus” – others have ascribed the name to him.)

The arguments regarding America’s “decline” are simple and straight forward. We have an exploding debt crisis. We have a declining morality. We have, as a nation, killed tens of millions of babies since the passage of Roe v. Wade. The family is crumbling as an institution in America.

Yep, I guess that sums it up. My list would overlap with Rosenberg’s some:

  • The central banking system (not unrelated to the debt crisis) is silently robbing the poor for the sake of the rich. (See Malachi 3:5, Proverbs 28:3)
  • We have slaughtered tens of millions of children. (See Lev 20:1-5)
  • We have built a system where people, by power of their vote can plunder the wages of their neighbors. (See, again, Malachi 3:5)
  • And yes, the family is struggling as a social institution in this country

In 2 Kings 5 we read the story of Naaman, a “commander in the army of the king of Aram” who came to Israel looking to be healed of leprosy. He was healed when Elisha sent him to the Jordan river to wash seven times. Naaman returned hoping to give a gift to Elisha, a reasonable response, but Elisha refused. Those who know the story will remember that Elisha’s servant Gehazi chased Naaman down to accept the gift and was then struck with leprosy himself.

I heard a preacher once who put an impressive common sense spin on the story. He noted that we don’t actually have to presume that Elisha heard from God not to take the gift. (Not that couldn’t have – this was Elisha after all.) No, it is simple enough to understand that it’s not smart to accept a gift of “stuff” from someone with leprosy. It could be tainted.

I think the same thing might apply to Rosenberg’s arguments (and certainly to the name ascribed to him from other sources). God is the sovereign. And the Bible has plenty to say about the fate of nations that turn from justice. But we don’t need any “Nostradamus” comparisons to come to that conclusion. There’s no riddle or mystery here. (Nor has, to my knowledge, Rosenberg claimed there is any “special revelation” here.) This is just a fairly straight forward application of Biblical principles and, quite frankly, history of empires that have followed similar paths up and then down.

It can’t go on like this forever. We promise billions of dollars to an aging population while simultaneously killing the next generation. We invent money out of thin air and hope to have it hold up. We destroy the entity that has for millennia allowed the passing of stability from one generation to the next (the family). We enslave the worker to the whims and cravings of the majority. We cannot do these things and have it run on forever. It’s a shell game and a house of cards. But we can, we honestly, I kid you not, CAN choose to do it differently. And I think we should.

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