Positive Signs in the Badger State

Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election last night. If you missed it, the story goes like this: Walker won in 2010 and with the help of a Republican majority in the state houses passed a bill revoking collective bargaining rights for public unions (and made dues collection voluntary … workers could actually choose if they wanted to participate). The bill was a massive shot at the public workers union hegemony and it caused enough angst to get a recall election going.

Having won the recall election, and shown some significant benefits of a non-unionized public work force, Walker is doubtless the Tea Party poster-boy for what needs to happen at the state and federal level across the country. No more ceding of authority over the handing of public services. When we pay for education, we want it done right – not done with a “get the most money for the least effort” attitude that the union bosses bring. (Note, it’s the union structure, organization, and leaders that are the problem. Further note, lots of teachers have chosen to opt out of the unions when they had a choice – that’s telling.)

It’s a good sign. It’s a step toward freedom, a small one but an important one.

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