Notre Dame Broke Its Own Trust

Just a quick note today. I found this article over at RealClearReligion. The tag-line at RCR for this article is “Obama Broke Notre Dame’s Trust” … I have to snicker just a bit. The article isn’t a bad read. The gist is apparently that Obama is an open, trusting, willing-to-talk type of guy, but he too often gives way to the secularist left in his party and that causes some catholics to mistrust this otherwise genuine guy. Consider this one: “Unwittingly, perhaps, the president has allowed his appointees to drift into the secular lane and stay there.” – umm, I kind of think Obama is actually at the helm on this one.

I suppose the author is trying to be “even-handed” or “open-minded” or even “fair” – but nobody who cares about the issues of life ever really saw Obama that way. I mean, I suppose there are those who wanted so badly to be “cool” and vote Obama that they turned a blind eye to his clear ideology. He’s a left-wing secularist, and always has been. He didn’t break Notre Dame’s trust – they broke it themselves. Notre Dame university invited a pro-choice president, who while in Illinois worked to kill “born alive” protections for failed late term abortions, to speak. I kid you not, this guy did not defend a baby’s right to life after birth if the mother had rather the child had died, and Notre Dame thought him an open and genuine guy who was willing to talk. “No, he’s a good guy who really wants to be religiously founded on the issues of life – it’s just those lefties around him that cause problems.”

It’s laughable, guys. Honestly.

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