Speaking the Truth To Power – At the Convention

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them” – Galileo

It used to be a mantra (I guess it still is) among reporters that their role was to “speak the truth to power.” That somehow their purpose in all of this was to use the reach of their media outlets to shine a light on abuses and injustice, and to tell those in power the way things ought to be. I personally don’t buy it, but not because “speaking truth to power” is unimportant – rather because that is not the role of a journalist, who should be reporting the facts with no agenda. (The ability to hold a hammer does not make one a carpenter.)

That said, there is a great need for the speaking truth to power function. I personally think preachers should be involved a great deal – as their role is to speak truth to everyone, which surely includes those in power. Of course, in a democracy, the ultimate arbiter of power is everyone – at least everyone qualified to vote. (I don’t have time to engage in the debate about just why it is that 18 year olds are suitable voters but 17 year olds are incapable – but those are the current rules.)

On that note, I’ll call your attention to recent headlines that indicate Ron Paul is still in the race, and is picking up convention delegates left and right. The main storyline is that convention delegates are not locked away on the day of polling, and there are all manner of procedural conventions to deal with before a delegate gets their ticket punched to the convention. In these types of scenarios, it is those with the most ardent supporters who can come in and cause a ruckus – and steal some seats.

The articles will note that Paul is not really trying to win the nomination, which is all but salted away for Mitt Romney, but he can possibly gain enough delegates to have some bargaining power and perhaps a choice speaking slot. And then, there will be a “truth to power” moment.

The Republicans have become the party of George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush after him. The party of Lindsay Graham and John McCain. The party of big government, progressive, “conservatives” … I know, it just doesn’t sound right. Gone are the days of Eisenhower and Reagan – but perhaps not gone for good. You see, Ron Paul’s supporters are not gray haired right-wingers; they are the youth vote that desires freedom. This is the future of conservatism.

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