Nikki Haley as Romney VP Nominee?

In a move that has me scratching my head, rumors are now swirling that SC governor Nikki Haley is on the shortlist for the VP slot of presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

I don’t say “scratching my head” because of the possible Haley pick, it actually makes perfect sense. She’s female (obviously) and southern – two voting groups Romney needs help with. What I scratch my head about is “other news” …

Reports were swirling last week of “inside sources” claiming that Haley would soon be indicted by the justice department for some sort of tax fraud. The IRS is saying that no investigation was ever conducted into the Sikh temple associated with her parents.

Now that’s a head-scratcher, right? First, here is the Obama justice department apparently “investigating” tax fraud for a Republican governor. Of course, they never investigated tax fraud problems for their very own Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner … but I digress. When I saw the VP story it made me wonder. Did the backroom decision to pursue Haley get leaked and the Obama admin put out a warning shot? I have absolutely no proof, nor will I pursue any. Like I said, it just made me scratch my head.

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