Ben Nelson is Either a Pot or a Kettle … and Full of Something

I fully intend to return to the seeds of theocracy at some point this weekend (I hope), but a story caught my eye this morning that I thought I should pass along. “The Hill” is reporting that some politicians are not happy with Justice Antonin Scalia’s harsh criticisms of Obamacare. One particular offended party is Nebraska senator Ben Nelson (D). After Scalia mocked the idea of reading the 2700 page bill as “cruel and unusual punishment,” a Nelson spokesman responded with this:

Scalia said [Wednesday] that it was totally unrealistic to read the whole law. Sen. Nelson didn’t think it was too much for the justices to know what they’re talking about when questioning the law’s content

Wow. Question for Senator Nelson: have you read the entire 2700 page bill? Have any of the congressman or senators who voted on the bill actually read the entire thing? I mean, if it’s not too much for a supreme court justice to read a bill to decide its constitutionality, perhaps it’s not to much for a senator to read the entire bill before voting on it.

(In Scalia’s defense – he did indicate that reading the entire bill was a job left for the clerk staff … so somebody will read and report on it.)

As for the ruling, it has likely already gone down. The justices voted yesterday, though we won’t know the outcome until June.

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