Even Pat Robertson Agrees

The Associated Press is reporting that televangelist Pat Robertson has called for the legalization of marijuana. Soak that in for just a moment.

If Pat Robertson finally understands that the war on drugs is a miserable failure, then we are truly coming to a tipping point. If Pat Robertson understands (and I hope he does) that there is and should be a difference between legal and moral, then we’ve made some progress.

Legalizing marijuana is not the same as declaring that smoking marijuana is a good or moral thing to do. It is simply declaring that it is beyond the reasonable purview of government (that is the population at large, in a democracy) to get around to legislating what you can drink or smoke.

Of course, I would argue it is also beyond the purview of government to legislate what type of benevolent activities one undertakes … but we can take this one step at a time.

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