Political Roundup, 7 March 2012

“Not all who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

There have been plenty of political goings-on in the world over the past few days, and I’ve hardly had time to comment on them all. So, here is the roundup.

Fluke …

The delightfully named political activist (don’t shake your head, that’s exactly what she is … and that’s OK) Sandra Fluke took a drubbing from Rush Limbaugh and then got some sort of apology. Fluke apparently testified to congress that birth control can cost a woman up to $3000 a year. (It has been noted that the Target store near Fluke’s domicile sells birth control for $9 a month to people whose insurance does not cover it.) Her claim  is made to demonstrate that the taxpayer should foot the bill for birth control because it is expensive. I guess.

First, no your neighbors should not be forced to pay for your birth control just because you can’t afford it. Would it be nice for them to help you out? Sure. I mean, a struggling law student hardly has any future prospects and surely has nothing to leverage to gain some accommodation now (that would be a loan). For crying out loud, she testified to congress in a $27 outfit from Walmart … oh wait, she had a nice suit on. Hmmm.

Anyway, Fluke took an uncalled-for broadside from Limbaugh who actually called her a slut. WOW!

Obviously she may have been distraught. I mean, a political activist gets called an ugly name by a political shock jock – unheard of. (Reminds me of when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a … just how do you block this word out … c*** … no apology yet.) Not to worry though, President Obama, feeling a great swell of compassion for this poor, un-birth-controlled law student from Georgetown called to offer his support.

Tornado Alley …

Another spate of tornadoes ripped across the country. The death doll now stands at 39. Victims were yanked from their beds and thrown hundreds of feet … and in some cases miles.

Stephanie Decker of Marysville IN arrived home just before the storm hit and got her kids (8 and 5) into the basement. Covering her children from falling debris, she lost both of her legs, but is alive today.

No word yet on whether President Obama has called any of the victims to express support.

Super Loseday …

Super Tuesday came & went. By all accounts Romney is the “big winner” – meaning he didn’t lose. There were only a few states really up in the air: Ohio, North Dakota and Idaho – Romney won Ohio and Idaho, Santorum North Dakota. Romney now stands at 404 delegates, which is a shade above 50%. He’s pulling in around 43% of the popular vote (which is an incomplete statistic, given that some of the states are caucuses and not primaries), and is running at 37% in the RCP average polling. This is hardly a breakaway or a done deal. In fact, if Santorum had edged Romney in Ohio (it was 39%-37%) we’d be talking today about how Santorum had seized momentum.

Still holding out hope for a brokered convention – that would be cool to watch. I honestly don’t like any of these candidates … except Ron Paul, of course. And I like to think that I’m pretty forgiving on candidates. I mean, you don’t have to be an uber-libertarian to get my enthusiasm – just sound reasonable on reasonable issues and I’m there. None of these hucksters have managed to do it though. Oh well.

Those Greeks …

Mish noted the other day that the Greek 1-year bond yield had crossed over 1000%. Look, if you think the 24% rate that credit cards offer to bad credit risk customers is steep … think about 1000%. Make no mistake, the default will come. Folks who hold Greek debt will not be paid back. The biggest concern now is for the people – both in Greece and elsewhere (including here). How much will the taxpayers be made to fork over to bail out the banks … you know, the banks that serve a social function and do “God’s work”. Still looking for that Greek bank holiday sometime this month.

Dennis the Menace …

I like Dennis Kucinich. I mean, he’s a crackpot liberal and I disagree with him on a wide range of issues. But he’s an honest liberal. Apparently anybody outside the political establishment is a target. Ohio lost two congressional seats in the 2010 census. The redistricting process took away Kucinich’s safe district and threw him in with another Democratic representative. Dennis lost the primary (badly) yesterday, likely ending his run. (I say “likely” because Kucinich is the type of guy who may well consider an outside-the-party run.)

If the Mayans Are Wrong …

A large (60m) asteroid is set to pass within 27,000 km of earth in February 2013. It doesn’t look like it will hit (would be like a nuclear blast if it did). So keep your chin up today. Whatever you’re facing out there … it could be worse, like a giant asteroid landing on your house.

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One Response to Political Roundup, 7 March 2012

  1. blynn says:

    A note that I read about Sarah Fluke: she wasn’t surprised by the lack of coverage, according to this guy, she went there precisely because of it to fight it. http://www.jammiewf.com/2012/sandra-flukes-appearance-is-no-fluke/ Admittedly, I did not check his research. And as for the Astroid and Mayans, I read somewhere that they did not account for leap days and actually the end of the world has come and gone. :0)

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