In Business to Do Business – Planned Parenthood Annual Report

The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it” – Margaret Sanger

Caught an article just the other day regarding the 2010 annual report for Planned Parenthood (article here). It’s a short article, give it a look if you have time.

Some highlights that caught my eye …

Planned Parenthood performed 329,455 abortions in their 2010 fiscal year. They also received $487,400,000 from the federal government, and have net assets of $1,009,600,000. When you go to work today, a portion of your labor is being extracted by the federal government … no, by your voting neighbors … to pay Planned Parenthood $487,400,000 annually to help prop up their billion dollar abortion empire. That’s your hard work, and your voting neighbors.

Never fear though. Planned Parenthood is not a chop shop, they are not an abortion machine. I mean, they just want people to have all the options available to them. Why just last year they referred 841 people to other agencies for adoption services. I know the pre-born can’t read, but if you’re listening little boys and girls let me tell you what that number means: if Mommy has made up her mind that she cannot care for you and cannot be your Mommy, you’d better keep her away from Planned Parenthood, because you have only 0.26% chance that they’ll send you to other parents rather than the trash bin.

We hear the Occupiers talk about obscene profits by corporate machines. We hear nothing from them about the profits of Planned Parenthood. They pulled down $18,500,000 in profits last year … wait, they’re a non-profit, so it was $18,500,000 in “excess revenues”. Want to guess how much profit, err, excess revenue they make for adoption referrals? You can bet it’s a whole lot less than the excess revenues for abortion.

“‘So I will come near to you for judgment. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive aliens of justice, but do not fear me,’ says the LORD Almighty.” – Malachi 3:5

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7 Responses to In Business to Do Business – Planned Parenthood Annual Report

  1. Bluesky says:

    What Planned Parenthood also does, is provide free and safe healthcare and contraception for millions of young people. They do far more to prevent unwanted pregnancies than they do to end them. I don’t want to argue abortion with you, brother, that would be silly. I just wish that the anti abortion fight could take some of its energy and give it to education and contraception. We could prevent most abortions by educating young people, and giving them the tools they need to plan their parenthood or non parenthood. The real way to end the practice of abortion is to EMPOWER young women to make better choices about their bodies and their sexuality, and to make contraception available for all who want it, to prevent the unwanted pregnancy in the first place. And this is the lion’s share of the work that Planned Parenthood does.

    • nomasir says:

      Yes, arguing abortion can get silly at times – the two sides are arguing different problems with different solutions. For instance, you say “provide free and safe healthcare and contraception for millions of young people.” In this, when you reference “young people” you mean “young girls in need of help”. When you say “free and safe” you mean “free for them” and “safe for them … sort of”.

      When we hear those terms we think it differently. It is not “free” – I PAID FOR IT. It is not “safe” – somebody is dying. But we do agree on “millions of young people” – millions of young girls AND millions of pre-born victims.

      I would hope we could at least agree on the simple point. I should not be forced to pay for a medical procedure that I consider to be murder just because somebody else deems it an “unwanted pregnancy” and that it is better than having a world overrun with “unwanted and unloved children”. And yet that is exactly what happens, to the tune of $487,400,000 in 2010. Forget about the LEGALITY of abortion, which I also oppose. At the very least I shouldn’t have to PAY for it with the sweat of my brow. Or am I to be both slave and executioner? I don’t support federal funding for any of these organizations (and I oppose it for a lot of unrelated organizations as well). But let us at least find common ground on the simple point. IF free contraception is the lion’s share of Planned Parenthood’s work, then let them forgo providing abortions. IF they wish to continue providing abortions, then let them forgo federal funding in its entirety. That is all we ask at the beginning.

      WE (the pro-lifers) are not against the mothers. WE consider them to be quite in need of help too. WE support programs to help them. But WE also support the babies who are being killed.

      Yes, you have a simple truth in your argument (one that “moral majority” pro-lifers are slow to recognize). The real way to end abortion is one child at a time. Outlawing abortion will not end its practice – but that does not mean it should be legal. (Any more than outlawing rape has ended its practice – but it should still not be legal.)

      • Calling provision of free contraception “common ground” seems like waffling to me. You have stated here in the past that life begins at conception. (Although, as I have asked before, it is not clear when, *exactly*, “conception” is. But that is more an argument against the supernaturality of the process in the first place, than an argument for/against abortion.) Would things like spermicides, morning-after pills, etc., qualify as acceptable here?

      • nomasir says:

        Maybe “common ground” isn’t the right term – perhaps “middle ground”. I don’t support any government funding for benevolent issues such as this (though I support benevolence, to be sure). I also prefer non-abortive contraception, and there are multiple forms. But, pragmatically speaking, a step in the right direction is still a step. An end to public funding of abortions, which is exactly what happens at Planned Parenthood, would be just such a step.

  2. Bluesky says:

    Actually, when I said health care for young people, I meant healthcare for young people. Men and women who “need some help” with the cost of healthcare, yearly pap smears, sexual health issues, contraception, ect. But I do agree with you, you shouldn’t have to pay for abortions. And I shouldn’t have to pay for war.

    • nomasir says:

      I’m no peacenik. I hold that the purpose of government is the collective defense of individual rights – life, liberty, and property. This sometimes calls for war. Yet even with my willingness to accept broad arguments for what constitutes necessary war in defense of those liberties, I can’t see any reason that we’re in Iraq, Lybia, Germany, Japan, or South Korea. In the Cold War these types of deployments made sense. We defended others because Soviet expansion would eventually threaten us – and containment was an easier path forward. The Soviets are long gone. The same argumentation really doesn’t seem to hold with places like Iran, or organizations like Al Qaeda. So I, with you, would say “bring ’em home”.

      Side note: Ron Paul has raised more from individual contributions of military personnel than all other candidates (Republican or Democrat) combined. As he is the only candidate advocating to bring the troops home, it really let’s you know how the military feels about the prospect of being brought back from continual deployment as the world’s policemen.

  3. Rachel says:

    As a side note, every county in the country has a health department and every health department provides free condoms and free birth control pills to any who want to come get them. These are true “non-abortive birth control methods.” Free to all. No abortions performed. It should outrage anyone that Planned Parenthood makes so much money doing what they do. If they’re truly only out for the good of the people, what the heck is all that money for?

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