Nathan Monk – Carry On Brother, Carry On

“The continued efforts of the City of Orlando to prevent distribution of food to the poor is a violation of the constitution at its highest form. To prevent one human from reaching out to help another human in need is contrary to the decency we have all been taught from our youth.” – Nathan Monk

Nathan Monk is a priest of something called the Antiochian Orthodox Christian – and he has recently gone viral. At a city council meeting in Pensacola FL, Monk calmly decried treatment of several citizens by the council at a prior meeting. The city had apparently passed some sort of “anti-homelessness” ordinance. I’m not sure the specifics, but in an interview Monk indicated something about a prohibition of sheltering yourself from the elements in something other than a domicile. Anyway, several citizens protested and were removed from the meeting.

Monk took the council to task at the next meeting, calmly of course, and incurred the ire of the chairman who declared him “out of order” and attempted to have him removed before his allotted time was up. Monk refused to leave and waited calmly until his time had ended (see video below).

Now, I can’t tell you much about Monk’s politics. Contradictions on life, liberty, and the meaning of personal property are common. For instance, I agree with Monk’s positions on ordinances that ban feeding the homeless. Honestly, I should be able to give away my property (food), which I derived from free exercise of my life and liberty, to whomever I please. But I often find that people who rightly oppose such ordinances take an exactly opposite view when it comes to forced government benevolence – but freedom of property cuts both ways. I’m not saying Monk is one of those people, I have no idea. But if someone did the research they may well find that he is, and I wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand my position.

OK, now that we’ve dismantled the non-existent controversy, here is the video of Monk. He handles himself quite well.


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