Gang Rape is NOT a Family Value

“To be pure, to remain pure, can only come at a price. This price is knowing God and loving Him enough to do His will. He will always give us the strength we need to keep purity as something beautiful for Him.” – Mother Theresa

I caught in interview this morning on talk radio with one J. Matt Barber, who turns out to be an associate dean at the Liberty School of Law. Mr. Barber (or, perhaps it’s Dr. Barber) was giving an interview regarding his recent coverage of the “sexual anarchy” conference in Baltimore. OK, the conference wasn’t actually titled “sexual anarchy” – but it was hosted by some group called “B4U ACT” which hopes to open a dialogue between medical health professionals and … wait for it … “minor-attracted persons.” That’s right, “minor-attracted persons” – or, as they are known in the common tongue, “pedophiles.”

I did some digging and found a write-up of Mr. Barber’s report here. I will warn you that some of the descriptions he provides are disturbing. Some, in fact, will surely leave you scratching your head as to why arrests weren’t made. (At what point does a graphic “description” of a sex act with a minor become a confession?)

Mr. Barber made some interesting comments regarding “sexual anarchy” and the work of one Alfred Kinsey, who apparently wanted to de-stigamatize any and all sexual behavior. (It is he who said “the only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.” – WOW!)

OK, so, there are pedophiles right here in America and they want to have their proclivities recognized as just one of many “sexual orientations” in a morality-neutral world. On the one hand we would say that this is appalling and reprehensible. On the other-hand, it is a dark and fallen world in which we live.

I’m struck by the stark contrast available here. In America, pedophilia is stigmatized. We hear of movements by “minor-attracted persons” to have their “sexual orientation” de-stigamtized and accepted as normal … and we are shocked. Yet, in India, young, barely-pubescent girls are sold by their own fathers for modest sums of money to go work the rest of their (usually short) lives “servicing” dozens of adult men per day. It’s like being gang-raped on a daily basis – as a minor. And yet, it is largely accepted as normal and reasonable.

In America there is still a role for government to play in defending the freedom of the vulnerable minors. In many places though, our main avenue to make a difference is individually, on a child-per-child basis. In India, we like to work with project rescue, working to rescue young girls from the brothels and sexual slavery.


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