Not Letting it Go

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking” – George Patton

I know, I promised something more uplifting today … maybe I’ll write two posts. First, something doesn’t smell right in Florida.

It never set well with me that O. J. Simpson could be acquitted of murder and yet found responsible for the deaths in civil court. How is that? If he is not guilty, he can’t possibly be responsible, right? I didn’t like it, and I still don’t.

Don’t misunderstand – I think he was guilty of cold-blooded murder. But if the court acquitted him, I really don’t see the place for the court (a different one) to come back and take all his money away because he was somehow “responsible” … even though he “didn’t do it.”

A few months back Casey Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her child. Did she do it? Maybe, I don’t know. Lots of people seem to think she did. But the justice system cut her loose. Now the state of Florida is suing her for over $500,000 that it spent prosecuting her.

How can that be? How can she be acquitted of murder and then forced to pay for the prosecution against her? This cannot possibly stand.

Imagine the bullying potential this would open for prosecutors. “We’re charging you with grand theft auto [which you didn’t do], but even if you’re acquitted we’ll sue you for $40,000 in prosecution fees – perhaps you should just plea it down now to a misdemeanor and pay the fine.”

The state is arguing that they only spent the money because she lied. OK, fine, charge her with lying.

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