“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

During the course of the “debate” over the debt-ceiling and potential spending cuts / tax code refinements, a number of talking points have surfaced about closing “loop holes” in the tax code. The federal tax code has become riddled with giveaways and perks for certain groups and or behaviors.

It’s an interesting problem. The government taxes everybody “the same” but then moderates everybody’s tax rate based on what behaviors they undertake. (I use the scare quotes around “the same” because you can never tax people “the same” in a progressive tax system – it is fundamentally designed to tax people differently.) If you buy a house, you get a rebate and a deduction (though, I think the rebate has passed). If you have a child you get a tax credit and a deduction. If you pay for health care costs above 7.5% of your income, you can deduct it. (That’s your adjusted gross income, which is something different from your actual income, somehow.) The list goes on, and on, and on.

(Interesting how the government taxes all and gives back to some. It might be easier to just tax the people you want to punish directly, but that would be too obvious.)

Think about this now, they take your money, then give a portion of it back to you if you do what you’re told.

If the federal government inflicts this on the individuals, they inflict it doubly so on the states. The Constitution is clear (despite what liberal justices say) about the powers that are granted to the states and not the federal government. So in order to get the states to do as they’re told, the federal government taxes everybody (everybody in the states) and gives some of the money back in special programs if the states adopt policies approved by the federal government. What they cannot do by force, by rule of law, they do with bribery.

But it’s worse than bribery. They’re bribing us with our own money. They are taking our money, usurping a portion of the productive activities that we undertake during the day (this implies ownership), and using our money to coerce us into doing as we’re told. We are servants to our own resources at their behest.

This is an absurd arrangement. It is a modest from of slavery enacted first by taxation (ownership) and then bribery. It’s slavery and bribery … its slibery. (I suppose it could also be bravery, but apparently that is already a word, though I doubt any in the political class know it’s meaning.)

Slibery. It is a fundamental entanglement of our days. It relies more on cunning than force. The political class must keep the workers distrustful of each other, always pointing the fingers at each other when they see problems caused expressly by the political class itself. They say “vote for us, the other guy caused this” – and yet they are all complicit in slibery at every level of government. No matter, if they can keep us distracted they can continue to extract massive sums from us for their own purposes.

Slibery … in the land of the free … the land of the slibes. Take off your chains you slibes and be free. You still have the power to vote; kick out the slibe-masters and be free.

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