Soccer Behind the Wall

“Great ideology creates great times” – Kim Jong Il

I was flipping through the channels the other day and caught about 10 minutes of the under-17 World Cup match between “the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea” (North Korea) and Mexico. It was a 1-1 tie when I turned it on. After watching for a few minutes I saw what turns out to be the winning goal – and own goal by North Korea. (Final was 3-1 Mexico.) The defender made a valiant attempt on the crossing ball, but didn’t get enough of it to knock it out of bounds, and ended up knocking it past his own goalie.

It’s not unheard of for soccer players who “embarrass” Dear Leader to be sent off the the gulag to work away their remaining miserable days under duly torturous conditions for their crimes. One wonders if this kid’s parents were shipped off to the work camps, since he obviously failed (like a traitor) because of inferior genetics.

OK, the truth is I don’t have any idea of what has or will happened to this poor kid. But history has shown that Kim Jong Il is a ruthless tyrant and ego-maniac who blames everybody else in the world for any failures … but not himself. (And how could he? I mean, he’s a god-man, and part of the “trinity” of Juche – the “father, son, and revolutionary spirit”.)

We pray for the prisoners today – the entire country of North Korea. May the day of their deliverance come soon, and may the rest of us be ready against that day, to offset the wave of humanitarian crisis that it will present.

(Side note, it takes little more to understand the lying nature of communism than to consider that Kim calls North Korea a “Democratic People’s Republic” – I guess one out of three ain’t bad: there are actually people there.)

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