When Crime becomes Illegal

“Half the lies they tell about me aren’t true” – Yogi Berra

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee has unleashed a rather comical statement about the need for immigration reform (full story here):

“Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.), chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, denounced Republicans last week for believing illegal immigration ‘should in fact be a crime.'”

Umm. OK, let me rephrase that. Umm … yeah, I’ve got nothing.

You see, the only thing that makes something a crime is that it is, in fact illegal. There’s really no way around this.

Maybe she meant that Republicans actually like the current immigration laws. I won’t speak for the Republicans, but I submit that I know very few people who have anything good to say about the current immigration situation. People either want strict enforcement of tight immigration controls, or a looser immigration policy (still with enforcement). But almost nobody likes the status quo. (I personally favor a greatly increased immigration allowances coupled with an end to all federally-funded entitlements – every last one).

Then again, it could also belie the mindset of any long-time, progressive, Washington insider. There is “the law” as it is written and then the law as it is enforced – and really the only one that matters is the latter. Perhaps she means “those crazy Republicans think that we should actually enforce the laws as they are written.” Again, I won’t speak for the Republicans here – they have their own talking-heads and certainly don’t need my help. But, as I believe that we are a nation of laws, then I will say “yes” – the laws should be enforced as they are written. If we wish to change the laws then let us actually change the laws – not circumvent the legislative process with Administrative Branch enforcement preferences or Judicial Branch interpretation gymnastics. Let the law be the law.


P.S. – The article contains other funny quotes from Schultz, including this: “If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign cars; they would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes.” Umm … we do drive foreign cars. Or, should I say, we drive American-made cars with “foreign” labels, whose corporate owners may well be American citizens – but if they weren’t made by the union-controlled Big 3 (or government-owned Big 2) then I guess they’re not “American.”

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