Update from Wisconsin and Non-Performing Schools

“Do your job and demand your compensation – but in that order” – Cary Grant

CBS is reporting that 2/3 of Wisconsin public-school 8th graders can’t read proficiently despite the highest per-pupil spending in the midwest.

The current protest and flail in Wisconsin is not, as reported by many in the liberal media, an assault on teachers. No, it is an attempt to resolve an assault on the citizenry at the hands of public worker unions. The citizens of Wisconsin have paid a hefty bill in exchange for an education for their children. The check has been cashed, but the education has not been delivered. The teacher’s union is tacitly committing fraud, having been paid for services they refuse to provide.

Carry on, governor Walker – the freedom-loving citizens of the world want their money back, and they want their kids to get a real education.

As a side note, I would like to reiterate that good teachers, and even young teachers, should applaud the attempts to de-unionize the public schools. For one thing, good teachers, and those who teach in high-demand subjects will possibly make more money when market forces come to bear. Secondly, the unions are typically a detriment to the last people into the club – the young members. When times are tough (and they are tough now) it is not the under-performing members who suffer – it is those without seniority. So the talented, committed, effective, or youthful teachers ought to push for abolition of these unions.

We hear tell quite often that many teachers are unhappy with the union – one wonders if they are doing any work in the background to help its downfall. At the moment it’s not necessary, mind you; the states are taking up the matter themselves.

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