Tunisia, Egypt, Wisconsin … now on to Libya, Ohio, and Indiana

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong” – Richard Feynman

The turmoil continues. Tunisia and Egypt have seen their dictators deposed, but have not necessarily realized a democratically elected government. New to the fray – Libya. This one is a bit uglier.

Apparently Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi, in an attempt to hold on to power, ordered his military to fire on protesters. Some did, others apparently refused and even defected. It is ironic I suppose that the riots against Qaddafi came only days after he attempted to join the grassroots movement and suggested that Palestinians should riot in similar fashion against Israeli occupation. The “street” didn’t buy the bluff and are lumping Qaddafi in with other dictators in the area. I suspect he’ll fall soon.

It is interesting to see the outpouring of support for dictators from other dictators in the region. They see the writing on the wall. “If the spread of unrest doesn’t stop here, I might be next to fall.” It is a valid concern. Every step of the way this thing gains momentum.

Consider if you were an unhappy dissident living in some repressive monarchy in the middle east. How could you pass up this opportunity? There is enough energy out there to propel rebellions. If you wait until this blows over you may never get such an opportunity again. And, if it ever gets stamped out then it will be over, for now.

We are at a critical “tipping point.”

The situation in Wisconsin is quite similar. The general assembly is taking up the cause of ending collective bargaining rights – a move I fully support. The unions and the legislatures in surrounding states know that this is the tipping point.

If Wisconsin passes the bill and breaks the union (please, oh please, get this bill passed), then the “right-to-work” statutes will begin to sweep union-dominated states. Conversely, if the union powers are able to stop this bill, then the other states will be unlikely to act. Will the bandaid be ripped-off creating instant but not lasting pain? Or will the union parasites continue to drive the state into the ground, ultimately killing the host? Time will tell.

Pro-union (pro-“private citizens should sacrifice so public servants don’t have to”) demonstrations have sprung up in a number of states, including Ohio and Indiana. The legislatures in these states get it though. Businesses are fleeing to right-to-work states, many in the southeast.

The unions are desperate to hold onto their power. They have had private citizens in their grips for decades now and are unwilling to face the change sweeping the nation. (Hope and change – for that matter.) The outcome will affect us all. If the public servant unions (organizing as public servants to take more away from the public they serve) win this fight we’ll all be paying higher bills. But, if freedom returns, even just a little bit, it may be the crack we need to see how much better the free market is.

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