Gosnell’s Golden Scissors

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.” – Proverbs 28:6

Reports are out today that Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor who killed newborn babies with scissors to the spine, apparently made quite a hefty profit for his murderous trade. According to the grand jury, Gosnell pocketed at least $1.8 million a year in his Philly abortion clinic.

The article also notes that despite massive profits, Gosnell refused to discard plastic medical instruments, insisting on reuse, or provide robes for his victims – errr, “patients.”

We like to point to examples like Gosnell as further evidence that abortion is bigger than any supposed “freedom of choice” consideration. Yes, we can debate the freedom of choice versus right to life issue – and I will always come down on the side of human rights for all humans – including the right to live (or at least not be denied life without due process). But we hardly need Gosnell to have that discussion.

No, what Gosnell demonstrates is that abortion is quite a profitable industry. Planned Parenthood not only receives federal funding (for abortions – money is fungible), but they also rake in quite a good revenue stream from their abortion services. Even if the population and the judiciary agreed on the need to defend innocent human life, legislative process would still require throwing off a rather large vested interest with powerful lobbying capabilities. There are certainly true believers out there, like Margaret Sanger, who hold that planned, intentional infanticide is valuable for the society. But for each of those I suspect there are far more who are in it for the profit – and quite a handsome profit at that.

All over America there are legitimate doctors seriously considering closing their doors due to the crumbling medical profession that is being overwhelmed by federal regulation. And yet, murderous leches like Kermit Gosnell can turn $1.8 million a year with a death pit in a poor neighborhood. The system is broken.

$1.8 million a year for running a diseased infested rat-hole of an abortion clinic with blood stained floors and baby parts clogging the toilets and drains. Gosnell – a man of horrors. This is the face of the abortion movement in America. Every time you hear a pro-choicer talk about how things used to be, when women had to get abortions in back alleys with coat hangers, ask yourself if we’ve really come all that far. “We won’t go back” – it looks to me like we never left.

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