Don’t Set Yourself as a god if You Can’t Deliver

“Are there any among the false gods of the nations that can bring rain?” – Jeremiah 14:22

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (too late!) authority implies responsibility and responsibility implies authority. You cannot have one without the other. Further, you cannot set yourself as the authority over the problems facing society without taking the blame when problems don’t get resolved – you are responsible.

Several stories out of New York today indicate that the good people of the Big Apple are more than a little frustrated with the lack of progress in clearing snow from the streets after the weekend storm; with much of the anger directed at Mayor Michael Bloomberg. On the one hand, I would say that cleaning up a foot-and-a-half of snow is by no means trivial. It’s going to take time, and the people need to stop expecting miracles from the government.

On the other hand, Mayor Bloomberg has taken it upon himself to insert his will, his glorified progressive will, and his majestic decision making capabilities into the lives of the peasantry. Maybe he should take some of the heat over his failure to melt the snow with his brilliant gaze. Maybe he should take some grief for not seeing this coming ahead of time and pre-salting the roads (with enough to melt 18 inches of snow). Maybe a wise, progressive leader should have had the trucks rolling early and often; calling in as much earth moving equipment as possible to share the load.

So, I feel your pain mayor Bloomberg – the people expect the impossible. Then again, you’ve spent a great deal of time telling them you will solve all their problems for them. Time to ante up.

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