FLOTUS Defends Parental Rights

“I want to wait to have sex until I’m married” – Britney Spears

Earlier today, Andrew Brietbart posted a video clip of Michelle Obama promoting her new Child Nutrition initiatives. The video can be found here, and was tagged on Brietbart’s site with the following quote from the First Lady: “we can’t just leave it up to the parents.”

The quote appears to be an attempt at throwing red meat to the anti-establishment conservatives. We tend to have a concern, not unfounded by any stretch, that progressives want to reduce parental rights and ensure that children are raised with proper, progressive ideals.

While I like Brietbart, the quote from Mrs. Obama appears totally defensible in context. One needs only to watch the entire clip to understand that she is actually defending parents and explaining that their hard work of providing healthy diets for their children is often undone by poor dietary practices in our public schools.

It’s at this point that the First Lady actually takes a hard turn toward parental rights, one that I will laud and extol, and push for its expansion. She says, “parents have a right to expect that their efforts at home won’t be undone each day in the school cafeteria.” Fantastic – I totally agree. In fact, I think this ideology should be expanded.

Parents, working hard in their homes each day to raise their kids need to expect that schools will not be undermining their efforts. If parents are feeding their kids a diet of lean meats and organic vegetables, they need to know that the schools won’t shove junk food at them the moment they come through the doors.

If parents want to raise their kids with a proper moral footing on sexual relationships in the hope that the kids will wait until marriage, they need to know that schools won’t go around promoting promiscuity and condoning premarital sex. If parents want to teach their kids a moral perspective on the sanctity of marriage, they need to know that the schools won’t come behind them and discount everything they’ve taught their own kids. If parents are teaching their kids the benefits of working hard, free association, and a free market economy – they need to know that schools won’t come behind them declaring that they (the innocent children) are actually oppressors of the poor, all the while extolling the virtues of socialism, or marxism, or some other form of statism.

The parents need to know that they will not send their children off to school and have all of their hard work undermined by the agenda of the education industry.

So I agree with Mrs. Obama, and applaud her courage to stand up to the progressive ideologues who want schools to control and reeducate the children. Parental rights over children’s diets, parental rights over children’s moral upbringing, parental rights over education – well done Mrs. Obama, well done. We applaud you.


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3 Responses to FLOTUS Defends Parental Rights

  1. Kristin Watkins says:

    Once again Brad, I agree… Absolutely, I think that side is to be applauded. Parents should be responsible at home for their children. Personal responsibility can also be taught at home.
    If it only stopped there!!!!!! There is still the liberal opinion of the first lady that is exuded about McDonalds happy meals, school bake sales. It is sad, that even today ,called OBESITY a national security issue. Hmmmm some would think Iran might be more an issue. Just sayin!

    I am sorry, but it is just so sad to see that we have had to listen for these past few years ( 2 long years) to the only woman to ever have a successful vegetable garden
    ( CNN would have you believe this…). I cannot buy the liberal rhetoric about this and being more worried about the DIETS of children then the RIGHTS of the unborn. It makes me VERY angry.

  2. GuyAverage says:

    Nice post.

    The Britney Spears quote was sarcasm, yes?

  3. nomasir says:

    Thank you … and yes

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