Laurel Pregnancy Center

“We need fathers to recognize that responsibility doesn’t end at conception” – President Barack Obama

Last night I attended the Laurel Pregnancy Center’s annual fund raising dinner. As always, it was a moving event. There were testimonies from mothers who had made courageous decisions to save their babies instead of having an abortion. There were also testimonies about the lifelong pain and heartache resulting from abortions – for both mothers and fathers. The lifelong feelings of guilt and anguish over the lives that were snuffed out in moments of confusion, despair, hurt, and loneliness.

The center cannot hold. We, as a country, cannot go on like this forever. We cannot persist in mindlessly believing that abortion is just a simple medical procedure with no physical or emotional consequences. We cannot hold.

After US troops liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp in WWII, American Generals forced nearby German townspeople to tour the camps and see the atrocities. After General Walton Walker made citizens of Ohrdruf tour a nearby subcamp, the mayor of the town and his wife went home and committed suicide.

Faced with the horror of genocide, and stripped of any convenient notion about tolerating these atrocities for the sake of a better future, the mayor saw no reason left to live. What will our response be, as a nation? When we come to grips with the millions of babies, innocent babies, murdered in this country in the name of “freedom of choice” – what will we do? When we lose the false impression that abortion is unfortunate but a necessary freedom for the sake of having a better America – what will we do? When the facade is gone, and all that is left is the cold reality of our bloodbath – what will we do? Do we have what it takes to survive that and carry on? I wonder.

As for LPC, they are working hard to save what lives can be saved. Working hard to give support to mothers and fathers who want their babies to live. Working hard to counsel those who are trying to recover from an Abortion, trying to recover from the emotional and psychological pain. It is a valiant effort. If you’d like to get involved, please visit their website here. Or, find a crisis pregnancy center in your neighborhood and get involved there.

Whether you think your efforts are big or small, everything you do for the lives of the children will have an impact.

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