FLOTUS and the Sex Trade

I caught an article the other day indicating that the president’s post-mid-term trip to India may involve a tour of Mumbai where the First Lady is likely to meet with workers in the sex trade. I have no idea what this meeting will look like or even if it will happen. I have very little confidence in Barack and Michelle Obama to affect any positive change.

Having said that, any visit by the First Lady to the decrepit sex market in Mumbai can only help raise national and international awareness. If nothing else happens other than this, it is something positive.

I personally would love to see her launch into an anti-sex-slavery campaign with the same fervor that she has attempted to tell me not to eat fast food. There are some good signs here. One may fear that she would respond with “we need to respect other cultures and their decisions.” But, since she has zero respect for various American cultures and their personal choices (such as food intake), one must have a bit of hope that she will not shy away from such a difficult issue on cultural grounds.

Let us pray that this visit in some way goes to the aid of the sex slaves in Mumbai and across the region (or even across the globe). Perhaps she’ll have a chance to visit the Home of Hope run by Project Rescue and David Grant. Perhaps the visit will help fund raising for those, like Project Rescue, that are looking to rescue the enslaved girls. There is reason to hope.

If you’d like to get involved, please visit Project Rescue’s website for more information. www.projectrescue.com



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