Drunken Do-Gooders

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help” – Ronald Reagan’s definition of the nine most terrifying words in the English language

Back during the bailout days (no, they’re not over yet, but I’m referring to the original bailout days) there was an interesting debate amongst conspiracy theorists as to what would actually happen with the crumbling mortgage-backed security market. To review, mortgage-backed securities where bundles of mortgages, packaged and sold on the market to investors as “bonds”. When the housing market collapsed, so did these bonds – because folks stopped paying. At this point, the theory goes, the US government had a BIG problem. Do they cut bait on the banks and let the chips fall where they may or do they bail out the banks, bond-holders, and other such investors caught up in this snare? This is where the conspiracy theorists step in and explain that there are many billions of dollars worth of debt held by foreigners – and the US government was not about to leave them hanging out to dry; it could trigger an international crisis. No, the government would do what it always does after a hard day at the office: come home and beat the kids. So, the US taxpayers braced for the bill.

We now know that much of the $700 billion bailout went to foreign banks – hundreds of billions of dollars of US taxpayer money went to bailout foreign investors who had gotten clobbered in the mortgage-backed security crash.

Think about this. Ponder. How did this happen? How could it be that a federal government would take money directly from the US taxpayers (and our children’s future) and just hand it out to rich foreigners? These guys can’t even vote – how did they procure billions of dollars?

It happened the same way it always does. The do-gooders set about to save the world and ended up burning it to the ground. Progressive ideologues have been working for years to build the government’s authority over the lives of the citizenry – for the good of the citizenry. After all, left to our own inept devices we couldn’t possibly live peaceful and prosperous lives – no, we clearly need help.

The do-gooders are a very religious lot. Oh, they don’t believe in God the way I do, but they certainly worship a higher power, the power of government – acting through it’s earthly agents, the all-wise, all-knowing, anointed do-gooders … who are here to help. These guys display a religious fanaticism that shames most of Christendom. When faced with failure after failure after failure – direct repudiation of their policies – they try more of the same and even harder. That is blind faith if I ever heard of it.

The do-gooders set up all manner of public programs to “solve society’s problems” and only make the problems worse. Affordable housing? they blew the biggest housing bubble (read unaffordable) in the history of the world. Affordable education? They threw money at the problem and costs have skyrocketed. Affordable health care? This one is a gem. Years of meddling to “fix” the problem have raised prices to such untenable levels that the only possibly solution is a complete government takeover. We’ve seen how this works every other place it has been tried … any guesses how it’ll work this time? These people are miserable failures.

So, in panic mode, faced with a massive failure of their do-gooder policies, they started swinging wildly and throwing money (my money, your money) at the problem. I’m not sure what tenet of do-gooderism leads one to believe that it is ever a sane policy for the US government to take money from a working US citizen and give it to a foreign investor – for the good of the US citizen. This is how it goes with the drunken do-gooders though.

This is not a Democrat or Republican problem – do-gooderism has spread wildly through the ranks of government officials. The cure? Well, the first step is prevention. We must teach our children that the government does not solve problems very well and that the best role is to leave people free to live their own lives. Next we must elect politicians who will dismantle the usurped authority of the do-gooder government. This is a tough one. How do you hand a person fantastical power and ask him to use it to destroy his own power? That doesn’t happen on its own – it only happens if politicians are frightened by an even greater power; that of the citizenry.

Are we willing to throw the bums out? Are we willing to scuttle all of our earmarks and pork-barrel perks? Are we willing to bring the whole machine down to give power back to the people? We still have time to mount a defense, but it will take intentionality, truth, commitment to freedom, and love of your neighbor.

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One Response to Drunken Do-Gooders

  1. beverlylynn says:

    I’ve heard it said that a benevolent dictator is the worst of all, because he (or she, lets not be sexist here) commits all his atrocities “for the good” of the populace. There cannot be a change of heart if one never believes that his heart is in the wrong place.

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