Free North Korea

“[North Korea will] legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear war exercises to be staged by the U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces.” – the [North Korean] National Defense Commission

Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula after North Korea apparently sunk a South Korean submarine on March 26 of this year, killing 46 sailors.

Who knows what will come of this. Sometimes these things flare up and then cool down. Sometimes they flare up and regime change happens. Let us pray for the safety of US and South Korean servicemen in the planned joint exercises.

Let us also pray for deliverance for the millions trapped behind the 38th parallel in North Korea. If this is finally the moment that their freedom is at hand, then let us pray that it comes swiftly, without devastation. And let us consider in what way we could help clean up the aftermath. The humanitarian crisis would be massive, and millions of innocent victims will need our assistance … if this is their day of freedom.

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