How Many More?

“‘Daughter of Eve,’ said Aslan in a graver voice, ‘others also are at the point of death. Must more people die for Edmund?'” – from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

For those who’ve read the book, you may recall this mildly obscure point in the story. The battle with the White Witch had just ended and Edmund lay injured on the field of battle. Lucy had just given Edmund sip of the elixir that would heal any wound. Lucy was waiting anxiously to see if Edmund would recover when Aslan chided her to move on to others. While she was lingering to see what would become of Edmund (an outcome that was both sure and unchanged by her waiting) others were in need of assistance – assistance that she had in droves, lying idle in the palm of her hand.

Injustice is not foreign to the human condition. Our recorded history is a tragic tale of oppression. We see glimpses of light as well – where the strong stand to defend the weak. But alas, the cycle repeats from time-to-time; and good men and women must risk themselves to deliver the downtrodden.

It does seem that the battle doesn’t rest. So profuse is the human ability to commit atrocity, that when we get one situation sorted out we are immediately presented with another in need of our efforts. Much like Lucy with her healing elixir.

I’ve written a number of times in the past about modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is on the rise. The folks over at exoduscry indicate: “While it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the number of people enslaved to day, experts believe that the number is greater than any other time in human history, and likely exceeds 30 million people.” Now, I don’t know where they get the numbers – people quote “experts” all the time. The magnitude is dramatic though.

While we’re focused on elaborate and failed social engineering experiments, and fighting a losing effort in the “war on drugs” – there are thousands of slaves being imported, bought and sold right here in the US. (I personally think we ought to move on from watching failed enterprises – their outcome is both certain and unchanged by our lingering – and move on to rescuing victims of the modern slave trade.)

So say a prayer tonight. Somewhere in this world, and maybe not that far from your front door, there is somebody who is in utter despair of ruinous slavery. Somebody who has been sold against their will, forced to perform degrading acts against their will, made to live in fear, unaware of any hope for deliverance. Let us pray for a downfall of this stronghold (II Cor 10:3-6).

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