Gulf Oil Spill Worsens – Greaseballs Washing up in Florida

“I think people are concerned about the future, and they’re interested in people who put them first, instead of politics” – Charlie Crist, Florida Governor and Senate candidate.

Today marks day 53 of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The first sign that the oil slick is about to hit your beaches is little balls of tar that start to wash up onto the beach.  Tar balls have apparently already started washing up in Pensacola on the Florida panhandle.

As it turns out though, the issue in Florida is much worse. There is now a massive washed up greaseball in the capital city of Tallahassee. Citizens have actually named this greaseball, granting him the title of governor.

I of course am referring to Charlie Crist, governor and senate candidate. A little background is in order. Charlie Crist, then a Republican, won the governorship by 7% (52.1%-45.2%) in 2006. In 2008, after the massive Obama landslide, Crist moved to the center hoping to either tap in to the public sentiment favoring Democrats or distance himself from the then despised George W. Bush. By 2009 public sentiment had turned and conservatism was on the rise. Then, Crist faced an improbably primary challenge from the right by Marco Rubio. What was once a done-deal for Crist has turned into a massive lopsided affair in Rubio’s favor. Seeing the writing on the wall (Daniel 5), Crist declared his intention to run as an independent.

OK, up to now I have no brief for Charlie Crist. On the one hand, I’d say that if you want to be a part of a political party, you should play as part of the party. If this means you lose the primary, you agree to stand down. On the other hand, such an approach taken to it’s logical extreme would allow a 26% majority. (If 51% agree to stand together no matter what, then 26% can hold sway within the 51%, who can then hold sway over the government as a whole.) This doesn’t serve the people all that well. So, if Crist wants to run as an independent, so be it.

What I find disdainful is the massive ebb and flow of Charlie Crist’s principles in the whole affair. He was a Republican. Then, when the country swung toward the Democrats, he embraced Obama policies. When the country swung back the other way, he tried to do the same, but the damage was done. Realizing this, he has moved left again in a desperate attempt to keep his political career alive. Does this sound like a guy who is putting the people ahead of politics?

What I find even more disdainful is Crist’s necessary policy changes when he tried to attract voters on the left. Crist used to be pro-life. But, after declaring as an independent he scrubbed pro-life references from his campaign website. This week, he also vetoed a Republican-backed bill that would require an ultrasound before performing an abortion.

Crist claims that such measures don’t affect abortion decisions. Well, the research is still very much in flux (and VERY politicized), so I can’t address that issue. I will say, that as a pro-lifer I do prefer the policy. Psychologists have told us for years that in an abduction scenario you should give personal details (name, birthplace, parents, etc) to the abductors. The point being that if they see you as a person, they’re less likely to harm you. This is long demonstrated by human history. To commit atrocities we must divorce ourselves from the notion of victim as person. When we relate to their personhood, we open ourselves to empathy and compassion. These make murder very difficult. Attempts to make mothers understand the HUMANITY of the LIFE growing inside them are a good thing.

As for Tallahassee’s washed up Greaseball, I seriously hope he loses in the most embarrassing landslide in Florida election history.

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