Public Policy and The Word – Pelosi Style

“… we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the Word. The Word. Isn’t it a beautiful word when you think of it? It just covers everything. The Word. Fill it in with anything you want. But, of course, we know it means: ‘The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.’ And that’s the great mystery of our faith. He will come again. He will come again. So, we have to make sure we’re prepared to answer in this life, or otherwise, as to how we have measured up.” – Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (emphasis added)

It’s hard to make sense out of what Nancy Pelosi says sometimes. She just seems to be speaking out of her head at times. This rather wandering quote is just an example. I don’t want to give her too much grief for the “fill it in with anything you want” bit – who knows what the heck she was saying.

Somewhere in a meandering speech to a Catholic organization, the Speaker managed to intimate that she felt she should make public policy in keeping with the values of Jesus Christ. Indeed. I suppose when you include legalized (and publicly-funded) partial-birth abortion, you are very much filling it in with anything you want.

Now, a take-down of Nancy Pelosi’s lack of understanding of Biblical teachings is hardly necessary. Serious people needn’t quibble about what she has to say. It is always the case with the insincere that they will attempt to claim the mantle of whatever virtue they can – if only as a smoke screen to their true intentions.

So, there is nothing new under the sun. Those in power will grapple for whatever legitimacy they can. We need not demure to Nancy Pelosi, or any other politician (left of right), when it comes to matters of faith, righteousness, and the love of God.

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