Whence the Value of Your Life?

“May the Fetus You Save be Gay” – pro-choice bumper sticker.

In one fell swoop that bumper sticker captures the difference between collectivist/socialist thought and Biblical perspective on the value of life. With this statement the pro-choice movement projects the goals of the pro-life movement into the context of collectivist thought.

To the collectivist, the value of a human life is determined by its productivity, its value to “the whole” or society. Having this worldview firmly in their head, they attempt to score cheap points on the pro-lifers. Knowing that pro-lifers tend to be moralists when it comes to homosexual issues, they assume that we would find homosexuals to have lesser value as humans. How confused they are.

In the Biblical worldview, the value of a life is given by God. We were created in His image. We don’t make judgments about who should live and die based on what they may turn out to be later in life.

It was George Bernard Shaw (socialist) who said that people should be forced to justify their existence, whether they produced enough for the collective … on pain of liquidation. That’s right, if you don’t produce enough to justify your existence, then, according to Shaw,  you should be killed. In their worldview, your value is determined by what you do for the collective.

This is an extremely dangerous philosophy to play around with … and it is not ours. Life is sacred. It is from God. Its value comes from God, not form what a man or woman can “accomplish” for society. We are far to limited to adequately make such judgments.

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