Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

I’m often given to speaking superfluously. When I noted William Wilberforce and Deitrich Bonhoeffer just before commenting on Bart Stupak’s moral stand on abortion issues … I may have spoken a bit too soon. Stupak has now caved. He’s given in to earthly pressure. Would that he had placed his eyes on the eternal. This is a cowardly move representative Stupak. Not that you care what I would say – I don’t live in your district. All the same, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that this entire bill is morally unconscionable and I sincerely hope that you and the rest of the pro-abortion democrats get sent packing in the November elections.

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One Response to Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

  1. Michelle says:

    I was sad to see that Stupak caved as well. I only got to see a snippit of the news this morning before work, but I saw he was called a baby killer by someone when he spoke on the House floor after voting in favor of the bill. I guess he can kiss his “Defender of Life” award good bye. Rightfully so, too.

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