Can I Stop Paying Taxes?

The recent healthcare “reform” debate in DC brings up an interesting conundrum for the Christians in the room. As a rule, we tend to oppose abortion. We certainly oppose using our hard-earned resources to pay for abortions, which we consider murder. On the other hand, we also believe in paying taxes. Jesus paid taxes to Rome (Matthew 17 & 22). Paul notes in Romans 13 that we are to be subject to the “governing authorities”.

Now, the references from Romans always bring up interesting arguments in absurdity. What if the authorities mandated that people pray to Confucius? Clearly we will not follow that dictum (see 10 commandments). But what about this? What about when the government mandates that we contribute money to pay for the murder of innocent children? Hmmm. I must say, I don’t have all the answers here yet.

The interesting thing is that there is probably a way to get out of paying taxes legally. You just have to get your taxable income down to the zero taxation level (FICA not-withstanding). I have three children, that’s a handy deduction (and CREDIT) to start with. Next I’d max out my 401(k) and IRA (standard, NOT ROTH) contributions; that’s $16,500 and $5000 respectively. Those are pre-tax dollars. Next I’d start giving money away. Churches, world-missions, crisis pregnancy centers, oversees orphanages. I’d also buy some rental properties to depreciate.

No doubt, it’d be hard to do. It would be hard to bring in enough free cash flow to pay the bills (& the food … those three kids can EAT). Still, I would at the very least look at making it happen. I’d like to find that totally legal way to get out of the tax system that would force me to pay for abortions. This is a deal breaker.

Of course, the dirty little not-so-secret is that there is already public funding of abortion. The Hyde Amendment doesn’t restrict all Medicaid abortions. Further, public funding of abortion providers IS public funding of abortion. Planned Parenthood supposedly keeps the pots of money separate. This is nonsense. Money is fungible. If tax dollars fund all other services for Planned Parenthood they can spend all privately raised funds on abortion. It’s all the same.

That said, this bill is a big step … in the wrong direction. Public funding of infanticide is unrelentingly evil. Finding a way to remove my own efforts (i.e., productivity) from contributing to the genocide seems like the very least I can do.

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