New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year. Time to take stock of all the things we didn’t get done last year and would like to do better this year.

My resolution (the one I’m telling you about anyway) is to blog more often. Why? I like it. I enjoy these topics, otherwise I wouldn’t write at all.

As a first step on the road to this resolution, it seems worthwhile to remind myself (and you, dear reader) of what my blog is all about. I am a Christian – ardently so. That aspect of who I am permeates every aspect of life; as it should be. In this blog, we focus mainly on how it impacts worldview, the role of government in general, and governance in the United States of America in particular.

Before you form too many preconceptions, let me make clear that I vary quite wildly from the political views of most of the espoused “Christian” positions in the public narrative. (I use the “scare quotes” around “Christian” not to indicate that I believe those views to be un-Christian, but rather that they are put forth as based in Christian morality and theology, whether they are or not.)

I hold that freedom is a gift from God and that proper exercise thereof is the purest and truest way to experience worship “in spirit and in truth”. Forced religion, or forced “love of God”, is of dubious value. The Lord Jesus clearly wants those who love Him freely, not under compulsion.

In this light, government ought to defend basic human rights and no more. We will obviously have to work to define what those human rights are and how they are derived. But for now we will simply say that when government moves beyond the defense of human rights into the realm of “doing good” they often overstep their bounds and ultimately do the opposite of what they intend. That is, they will trample human rights for the good of us all … as though that makes any sense at all.

Before I go, I’d like to make one more note. In America, we still have the right to choose our own leaders – we have the right to vote. This is a tremendous authority, spread abroad amongst all eligible voters. You will hear me quote Peter Drucker often in saying that “responsibility implies authority and vice versa”. If one has a responsibility to affect an outcome, then one must also have the authority to do so (otherwise they cannot be held responsible). It also holds that if one has authority, one also has a responsibility. Whatever our government becomes, and however that impacts our world, those of us with the authority to choose the leaders ultimately hold some responsibility. Your vote matters, and not just for election outcomes. As a Christian, I believe we will all give account.

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One Response to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Beverly Lynn says:

    If you are going to blog more often, you should take about 5 minutes and customize away just a few of the default wordpress settings. Merely aesthetics, perhaps.

    Just change the tagline, maybe delete the “hello world” post and perhaps add a real sentence to your about page.

    Good luck with your New Year’s resolution.

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