Teen Challenge of Baltimore

I just got back from the annual fund raising dinner for Teen Challenge of Baltimore. For those who are unaware, Teen Challenge is a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, originally started by David Wilkerson in NY City. Today Teen Challenge is all over the world.

86% of those who complete the Teen Challenge program stay drug-free. This is compared to only 6% or 7% in “secular” rehabilitation. This is a staggering difference.

It costs a great deal of money to run such a program – about $1500 per month per person. I don’t have the numbers available for other rehab programs … but I’ll hazard a guess that they are way more expensive, on average, than Teen Challenge.


For the libertarians out there, it’s important to note here that we can’t wait for the federal government (or state and local governments for that matter) to get things right. Across a number of social issues, the government has taxed and spent its way to non-solutions and lots of debts. But, we can’t wait for them to figure out that their programs don’t work and that the money would be better spent in the hands of the citizenry. We have to get moving regardless of their actions. And so we will.

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  1. Darrell Lahay says:

    God bless TC

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