A Couple Instances of Pure Audacity

A couple instances of pure audacity:

Florida representative Alan Grayson on health care reform: “I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.” First, a disclaimer – I’m not totally opposed to overwrought, superfluous verbiage.  Given that, let’s dissect this statement. The US has one of the best, most advanced health care systems the world has ever known. We’re trying to cure diseases that nobody has ever cured. Alas, we haven’t cured them all yet. This, is apparently a travesty, which Representative Grayson feels deserves an apology. Secondarily, he seems to be implying that a publicly funded, government-run health care system will magically cure all of these dreadful diseases. Nonsense. Finally, even if we did have an overnight, order of magnitude increase in our health care capabilities, every one of us will still die. All of this, and I don’t recall any statements from representative Grayson about the ACTUAL holocaust going on in America (abortion). Still looking for Mr. Grayson’s position on Iranian nuclear weapons and their stated intent to cause another Jewish Holocaust.

Next up we have Chuck Schumer, again on health care reform: ““[President Obama] believes making a public option available on the insurance exchange is a good way to achieve those goals. He has said he is open to other constructive ideas of increasing choice and competition.” (emphasis added). That’s right, the nanny-state legislators have worked for years to inhibit competition in the health insurance market, resulting in higher costs for everyone. Next, they propose a plan to totally eliminate the market (and competition) altogether – and justify it under the notion that it will actually introduce competition. This is absurd. It’s like suggesting that you can kick somebody in the shins to help keep them safe from being kicked in the shins.

Listen, these guys have a right to be liberals. It’s OK. We can all disagree and still be Americans, and friends, and neighbors. But these statements are off-the-wall absurd.

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