We Don’t Need Your Help

Had a conversation at lunch today about school prayer. I’ll leave that subject untouched for now, though I find it an interesting discussion, fraught with difficult issues when public funding is involved (i.e. my money). The discussion took a number of twists and turns, as conversations will, and we ultimately came back to the major premise of this blog.

I hold that the best place for government, in issues of morality that do not directly violate the rights of another human being, is out of the way. I usually make a defense based on the notion that government driven morality, in a democracy, is morality as understood and accepted by the majority of people. This is problematic – the majority will surely rebel against God at some point.

Here I want to take a slightly different tack. When the religous right (a group that almost assuredly includes me) looks to government as a place of legislating moral issues, the clear intent is to enforce a level of (Christian) moral behavior amongst the populace. I agree that society would doubtless be “better” in some sense if all people followed basic tenents of Biblical morality – but I still oppose these policies.

Ultimately, we don’t need or want the governments help in religious affairs. We fight a fight for the eternal souls of men. This is serious business. This matters – A LOT. Government involvement just confuses things. The government should get out of the way and let the adults settle this.

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One Response to We Don’t Need Your Help

  1. Lorenzo Hester says:

    Your thoughts clearly presents a worldview that unfortnuatey is not accepted by the masses. I assert that we who have a spiritual perspective, who have a savior, who have blessed assurance need to do more to reach those who have a different worldview in a godly way.

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